Amador Vintners’s Big Crush

The Amador Vintners Association commissioned custom poster art to illustrate the new prominence of women winemakers, and the generational transition taking place in the region’s wineries.

Winemaking in Amador county dates back to the California Gold Rush, and the local fall harvest festivals date back decades. But the Great Crush as it exists today is celebrating its 25th year, says Jack Gorman of the the Amador Vinters Association.

This weekend’s Great Crush will feature 41 wineries and welcome 4,000 guests, launching Friday evening with a barbecue and grape stomp event. The festivities continue on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Some notable participants include Scott Harvey of Scott Harvey Wines, creator of the original Menage a TroisJeff Runquist Wines, winner of the Dan Berger’s International Winery of the Year; Bill Easton, undoubtedly pouring some great Zinfandels from Terre Rouge and Easton Wines, Gorman told GBN.

The Association commissioned promotional poster art (above), which depicts the transition occurring in the region’s wineries, Gorman told GBN. One version features an older male  enjoying a glass of wine in the background as a young woman sorts grapes in the foreground. The poster illustrates both the new prominence of female winemakers, and the new generation coming to the fore at family wineries.

Advance tickets are available at a discount until 11:00 45 p.m. on Tuesday, October 2.


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