Accidental Success: Twin Mustang Breaks Out Marquette Never Intended for Harvest

The vines were just two years old. The fruit had ripened, but it was too young to work with, so Jason Schultz decided to leave it in the vineyard.

Then one day, on a whim, he collected the grapes, which led to a crush, which led to an award-winning 2016 Marquette.

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Jason Schultz is visible behind his lineup of Twin Mustang wines, sporting awards from various regional competitions PHOTO -@GrapeBasinNews

That’s the short version. When GBN asked Schultz why he submitted the young wine to the Cellar Masters of Los Angeles competition, there was a short answer.

“Because I opened it up, and I was like — ‘damn!'” he quipped.

Southern California judges apparently agreed, awarding the silver.

Schultz and wife Debora popped the cork Friday night on the Twin Mustang Brindle Marquette, at the first in a new series of home winemaker tastings hosted by Nevada Sunset Winery.

The Marquette will be subject to blending experiments at the winery later this year. Twin Mustang is likely to combine the Merlot-like Marquette with the winery’s deeper, gold medal Frontenac. The final product will be determined when Schultz gathers a close knit group of trusted palates for a blend-and-taste session.

Twin Mustang proprietors Debora (left) and Jason Schultz, with Lynne Keller (right) Photo:@GrapeBasinNews


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