You Must Be 21 Years Old to Buy This (Nevada Made) Ice Cream

A funny thing happened on the way to the wine shelves in Scolari’s. GBN encountered this mini-freezer, stocked with wine ice cream, snuggled up against a stack of Ferrari-Carano. Never made it to the wine department.  Story continues below…

Wine ice cream is the stuff of foodie legends. Also some heated regulatory battles in certain states. Here is was, right in the path of the shopping cart. Two pints of Winey Munkies Peach Chardonnay and a pint of Chocolate Merlot went into the cart, for what GBN hoped would be a novel contribution at a dinner party.

But, as the late, great Tom Petty might have said, the waiting is the hardest part. Before lunchtime arrived, there was a tiny taste missing from each of the cartons.

There’s good news, and there’s more good news. Both flavors are amazing. The wine is very prominent. There are two additional flavors available, but at $9.99 per pint, Raspberry Cabernet and Strawberry Pinot Grigio will have to wait. That’s the Scolari’s special price. A bit splurge-y.

The Scolari’s employee who bagged the purchase said the wine ice cream is checking well.

“People are buying this,” he remarked, after telling GBN he’s too young to buy it himself. You must be 21, says the Winey Munkies carton.

The best news — Winey Munkies is made in Sparks, Nevada. The website shows five specialty locations were the product is available. Looks like Scolari’s is the first supermarket the company has penetrated. Kudos to Scolari’s, which has a reputation for supporting local products.

GBN covers the business of wine, and leaves it to connoisseurs to describe the flavor. Please sum up your tasting experience, assuming you get there before the stock runs out, and send to [email protected].


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