New Reno Eatery Planned for Long-Empty Space

On a recent morning, a pile of concrete and rubble lay in the center of the floor at the long-empty site of a gas station and convenience store on Skyline and Cashill Boulevards. The space will house Skyline Kitchen & Vine — “Soon!” according to a banner on the building’s exterior, and confirmed by Reno real estate investment firm Blackfire.

Restaurant construction is expected to be complete by May, said Blackfire Managing Member Tilio Lagatta. The building’s upper floor has been remodeled with five office suites, Lagatta said.
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A banner announces a new restaurant coming to the corner of Skyline and Cashill in Reno. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews

The restaurateur is Brett Roselli, who currently operates Sierra St. Kitchen & Cocktails in downtown Reno. Roselli did not immediately respond to requests for information about the Skyline project. Floorplans posted on the window show a bar, dining room with 159 potential occupants, and patio seating.

A Facebook post from Sierra St. Kitchen & Cocktails has photos and summary of plans that include a wine shop.

A public notice for alcohol license application is also posted. GBN will update the story as it develops.


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