A Few Notes from Nevada’s 2018 Harvest

Joe Bernardo, Ingrid Benson, Ann York, and Ed York (in the distance, upper right), work the harvest at Bill Coplin’s Casa Castana Vineyard in Washoe Valley on September 16, 2018. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews

Twin Mustang has abundant (award-winning) fruit

Jason Schultz checked in with more than 1,300 pounds from the Twin Mustang Vineyard. That was prior to last week’s Petit Pearl harvest. Schultz says Twin Mustang will repeat successful wines from 2017, and a bountiful harvest will allow him to produce greater quantities. Here’s how it looks:

406 lbs Marquette at 26.5 brix
406 lbs 5 year old Frontenac at 26 brix
200 lbs 11 year old Frontenac at 24.5 brix
197 lbs Edelwiess aT 21 brix
256 lbs Frontenac Gris at 26 brix
Petit Pearl (yield not reported)

“We are always experimenting with different yeasts, MLF, and nutrients,” Schultz told GBN. “We are ready to bottle our reds from last year as well as 180 gallons of California Syrah and Barbera.”

Schultz has made an impressive showing in California competitions, and will compete again this year.

Vegas Valley Winery to debut 100 percent Nevada wines

Vegas Valley’s Mike Schoenbaechler reports his team pulled about 4,000 pounds of grapes from vineyards in Amargosa Valley. They’ll go into the winery’s second vintage Syrah, Barbera, and Primativo, which will also be the winery’s first 100 percent Nevada wines.

Schoenbaechler emphasizes they’ll be small batches — between 20 and 40 cases. Many would call that a respectable achievement for a winery that’s been up and running less than a year.

Vegas Valley Winery management is the same team running the Grape Expectations School of Winemaking. The commercial operation is a separate entity next door to the school in the so-called “booze district” of Henderson, Nevada.

Basin and Range Cellars pulls in 15 tons, (roughly)

So says Basin and Range partner Joe Bernardo, a man of few words. Bernardo and partner Wade Johnston commenced tasting room operation this summer at Reno’s Wineries on 4th. Their wines consist of 100 percent Nevada fruit, grown in Douglas County.

Bernardo was also on the harvest team at Casa Castana, the Washoe Valley Vineyard owned by former Nevada Vines & Wines president Bill Coplin. Part of the Casa Castana harvest goes to the students at the Wine Academy run by Bernardo.


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