Raley’s Puts Focus on Wine Education and Regional Experiments

On the heels of an in-store event featuring Nevada Sunset wines at a Reno Raley’s supermarket, we learn the grocer has enjoyed a beverage sales spike due in part to wine education for staff and customers. Former winery executive Curtis Mann oversees Raley’s drinks department, which makes up 12 percent of the company’s annual sales with wine leading the category, according to this report in Shanken News Daily.

Raley’s Wine Steward Doc Watson at the Galena Junction store with Craig MacDonald of Boyle MacDonald Wines, in September of 2018. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews

Nevada Sunset and several other regional producers were highlighted earlier this year when the brands were introduced to Doc Watson, Wine Steward at the Galena Junction store, by Reno Wine Distributors, which specializes in small brands. The Shanken report says Raley’s Stores have 35 such wine stewards, who guide customers “to experiment with different brands and regions they may have not tried before.”

Curtis Mann spent time at Baldacci Family Vineyards and Trinchero Family Estates, and was recently named a Market Watch Leader for 2018.




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