Vineyard Tour Brought Attention to Nevada Viticulture, Organizer Says

Twenty-two Northern Nevada vineyards were open last weekend for the annual public tour hosted by Nevada Vines & Wines.  “Tourists” — who were primarily local members of the organization — wrapped up the two-day event at a tasting party devoted exclusively to Nevada wines. Story continues below…

Tasting Party after the Vineyard Tour at the Tamarack on August 4, 2019. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews

Members reported greater enjoyment than in previous years, according to Vines & Wines president Teri Bath, after the group added and extra day to the tour. The full-weekend schedule enabled visitors to linger in the vineyards and ask questions at a more relaxed pace, Bath said.

Vineyard Manager Francisco Madriz speaks with guests at Jade Miller’s Caughlin Ranch property on August 3, 2019. Photo @GrapeBasinNews

The fundraising tour takes place in late summer to offer a pleasing view of fruit developing on leafy vines, but before bird netting is placed. The primary objective this year was visibility for Nevada’s growers, said tour organizer Stuart Michell.

“We accomplished what I wanted to accomplish, and we ramped up the quality of the event,” Michell told GBN in a phone interview. “I’m a happy guy because the vineyard owners, generally, were happy”

Vines & Wines officers say they’ll tweak the format a bit for next year, but hope to build on the momentum. More photos below…

Archway to the center of Dave Clark’s Sparks vineyard. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews

Stuart Michell’s back yard Vineyard in Washoe Valley on August 4, 2019. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews

Winemaker Chris DiMarco pours a taste for Dave Emmil at the Tamarack Junction on August 4, 2019. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews

Pawl Hollis from Rail City Garden Center with Vines & Wines president Teri Bath on August 4, 2019. Photo @GrapeBasinNews

Vineyard owners Bob and Kathie Russell chat with friends on August 4, 2019. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews

Vineyard owners Ann and Ed York with Vines & Wines vice president Stuart Michell on August 4, 2019. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews

Wendi Rawson, proprietor of Engine 8 Urban Winery, with vineyard owner Jade Miller on August 4, 2019. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews

Joe and Molly Isaiah from the Golly Molly Vineyard on August 4, 2019. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews

Mike Lenox examines young fruit on the vines planted by his late father at the Lenox Ranch in Silver Springs. August 4, 2019. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews


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