Forget Stuffed Mushrooms. The Trendy Pairing is Riesling with Girl Scout Cookies

Maybe you’ve been pretending there’s lamb stew or shrimp scampi on the table every time you open a good bottle of wine. Come on, we know you enjoy snack foods with some of your favorite wines. With that in mind, crack open a box of Girl Scout Cookies and pour a glass of Nevada Sunset 2018 Riesling, which pairs very well with Lemon-ups.

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Heather Hoffman and Janice Ono prepare Girl Scout cookie and wine pairings at the Nevada Sunset Winery on March 5, 2020

Nevada Sunset Winery hosted is third annual cookie pairing on Thursday, drawing 52 attendees to taste four pairings. A yearly straw poll consistently ranks the Riesling-and-Lemon-up combo on top. But Thursday’s ballot shows another favorite pairing. Petit Sirah-and-Toffee Tastic tied for first place.

Consistently popular combo: Nevada Sunset Riesling with Girl Scout Lemon-ups

“Mike and I tried them all,” said Nevada Sunset partner Allyn Delisle. “We tried them with all of our wine.” The featured wines change each year, but the Riesling-and-Lemon-up combo is always a hit, so it’s always offered.

Thursday’s other pairings were Cabernet Franc with Samoas, a coconut, caramel and chocolate concoction; and Grenache Rose with Trefoils, a shortbread cookie. Oddly, Thin Mints, a runaway best seller for the Girl Scouts, has proven difficult to pair. The peanut butter Do-Si-Do is also challenging.

Allyn and partner Mike Steedman share the proceeds, with 50 percent of the door and 20 percent of the evening’s wine sales going to the Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada.

The Morgan family: Mike, Christine, Courtney, and niece Kylie Johnson (front), set up to sell cookies at Nevada Sunset Winery on March 5, 2020.


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