Sunday Tour of the Dyette Family Vineyard: First in a Summer Series from NGGW

The Dyette Family Vineard was first on Sunday to host an in-person event for the Nevada Grape Growers and Winemakers. Some members and guests said it was their initial social outing after a year with little activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Adrian Dyette points to vines transplanted from the former Twin Mustang Vineyard that was owned by Jason and Debora Schultz. Photo: Grape Basin News

Maverick toured the Dyette Family Vineyard along with about 20 members of Nevada Grape Growers and Winemakers. Photo: Grape Basin News

Under threatening skies, about 20 of the group’s members followed Adrian Dyette into the vineyard, which includes 800 vines, a recently-constructed platform for weddings, and a nesting spot for eagles atop a 45-foot pole. Trenches have been dug to accommodate water pipes for vineyard expansion, with an eye toward a commercial operation if it becomes legally achievable.

Dyette described transplanting 120 Petite Pearl vines from the nearby vineyard formerly owned by Jason and Debra Schultz. As a friend and neighbor, he’d spent time working on the Schultz vines before the couple moved to Colorado last year.

Adrian Dyette’s magic transplant ingredient. Photo courtesy of Adrian Dyette

The magic ingredient for a successful transplant is pictured nearby – Dyette used Miracle Grow Quick Start Planting and Transplant Starting Solution.

“I used 1 cap-full per 2 gallons, and I had them in the solution for about 2 hours.” he told Grape Basin News. “Then I watered them with the solution.”

The clouds parted in time for lunch. NGGW has vineyard tours for its members scheduled each month through August. More information here.


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