Teri Bath, “Hostess with Mostest” Moves On; Nevada Vines & Wines Seeks Event Coordinator

She’s directed eight years of monthly tasting events, holiday gatherings, and vineyard tour parties. Now Teri Bath is ready to hand off the responsibility. Nevada Vines & Wines needs an event coordinator who knows how to plan a party, and relishes the role of host or hostess.

“I thought when I stepped down as president of Vines & Wines, I would also be relieved of planning events,” Bath told GBN. But it didn’t work out that way. Now she’s actively looking for someone to take over.

“Vines & Wines would like a six-month commitment. It’s strictly a volunteer job, there’s no money,” Bath said. But there is free admission to the wine tastings, and a great chance for to mix with a friendly group of Northern Nevada oenophiles. Story continues below…

Tasting Party at the Tamarack Junction after the annual Vineyard Tour on August 4, 2019. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews

“I’ve made many friends over the years through Vines & Wines,” she said. “The best candidate would be someone who likes to socialize, because it can really be a lot of fun.”

Teri Bath served her final year as president of the Nevada Vines & Wines board in 2019. Photo: @GrapeBasinNews

The event coordinator should be a detail-oriented team player, reporting to the board of directors. The month-in, month-out job is hosting regular wine tasting and pairing events. The coordinator will carry out the monthly event from start to finish, which includes inviting guest winemakers, working with the caterer on pairings, and promoting the event via email and social media.

The event coordinator will also be the liaison with the facility, and manage volunteers who set up and break down the room and take payment at the door.

Several larger and more specialized events include annual wine competitions and vineyard activity. Those are accomplished with teams doing many tasks, but the event coordinator will be a key player to keep all the tasks on track.

For more information contact Teri Bath by email.


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