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Samantha Stone is a journalist and commentator who’s covered politics, law, business, digital crime and privacy. She’s had the good fortune to work as a broadcaster, a writer, and a podcast producer. Her entry-level experience in marketing and promotion spawned an understanding of the business side of commercial broadcasting, and an appreciation for all commercial enterprise.

Sam covered three presidential elections, three mid-term elections, and four legislative sessions. She’s worked as a reporter for CBS Radio in Las Vegas, Vegas PBS, KOH Radio in Reno, and as a producer for the powerhouse San Francisco sister stations KGO and KSFO when they were ABC-Disney properties. She’s been published in the Las Vegas Review Journal, the Reno Gazette Journal, the San Fransisco Examiner, and the SF Weekly. She was among the first in the mainstream media to develop a cybercrime beat, as founding producer and sometime co-host of The Cyberjungle, a podcast covering digital security, privacy, and the law.