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Mystery Blend from a Hasty Harvest of Unidentified Grapes

December 9, 2018

It was late summer when a family from Boston moved to a two-acre Reno property with scores of unidentified vines. The grapes were ready, and the new homeowners weren’t sure what to do. Enter vineyard consultant Joe Bernardo who helped with a hasty harvest, and crushed the mystery blend pictured here.

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A Few Notes from Nevada’s 2018 Harvest

September 27, 2018

Jason Schultz checked in with more than 1,300 pounds from the Twin Mustang Vineyard. Vegas Valley Winery will debut 100 percent Nevada wine after pulling in 4,000 pounds of Syrah, Barbera, and Primativo. Basin and Range produced 15 tons. Click headline to read more.

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"Harvest is Fun and Romantic for About 10 Minutes. Then the Work Starts."

September 27, 2018

Tim Burke toiled at both ends of the state in 2018, gathering grapes from 8 different vineyards in far-flung locations. Burke is stockpiling wine from Nevada fruit with an eye toward commercial production at his Artesian Cellars Winery, still on the drawing board in Nye County. Click headline to read more.

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Amador Vintners’s Big Crush

October 3, 2017

Winemaking in Amador county dates back to the California Gold Rush, and the local fall harvest festivals date back decades. But the Great Crush as it exists today is celebrating its 25th year. This weekend’s Great Crush will feature 41 wineries and welcome 4,000 guests. Click headline for full story.

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Join the Vino 100 Wine Club

December 22, 2018

As a Vino 100 Wine Club member, you get a global selection of wines that may not be available, or may only be present in limited quantity in our store. They are exclusive to you as a Vino 100 Wine Club member. Each bottle will reflect our commitment to bringing you the finest wines from our search. No membership fee just $35 each month. You get: * Two bottles of the amazing, hand selected wines * Complimentary glass of wine during Wine Club pick up * 10% Coupon Towards any bottle of wine. * Tech sheet to learn about featured wines * A recipe to pair with each wine * Selected events for Wine Club members only *  Your choice of 1 White/1 Red, 2 Reds, or 2 Whites * HUGE VALUE!!! Typically the Value exceeds $50! Questions? Call 775.851.8466