Planned Reno Winery in Legal Limbo; Change in Nevada Law Needed

May 12, 2017

A venture that planned to be city’s first urban winery sits in a state of legal limbo, months behind its construction schedule, and unable to get state approval to open for business. Now there may be a shot at changing the Nevada law that’s keeping it dark. Click headline for the full story.

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Craft Brew Barrelage Headed for Increase; Business Practices Mandate Roils Big Beer

May 8, 2017

It seems fairly certain Nevada craft brewers will get the green light to legally produce more beer. Big beer brands Anheuser Busch InBev and Miller Coors have put aside earlier objections to raising the production cap. But they’ve refocused their opposition on a legislative proposal aimed at preventing them from hindering craft beer sales with perverse incentives to distributors. Click headline for full story.

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April 28 is Small Business Day at Nevada Legislature

April 19, 2017

Operators of small businesses can meet their counterparts and speak directly with state lawmakers at a Small Business Day gathering in Carson City on Friday, April 28. The Nevada chapter of National Federation of Independent Business will also offer an overview of key bills affecting business. Click headline for full story

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Nevada Alcohol Tax Hike Passes Senate Committee

April 5, 2017

Updated 8:00 p.m. — A bill that would fund government-assisted heroin injection clinics passed its first hurdle today in the Nevada legislature. Senate Bill 181 would also boost drug courts and prison substance abuse treatment programs. A package of sin taxes would support the programs, including excise tax hikes of 50 percent on liquor, beer, and wine. Click headline for full story.

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Pahrump Valley’s Bill Loken on Winery Success and Nevada Grown Grapes

March 31, 2017

Pahrump Valley Winery will soon start a 7,000 square foot expansion. Under Bill Loken’s management, with wife Gretchen in the winemaking role, the winery seems poised for long-term growth. Now Loken has undertaken a campaign to persuade Nevada farmers to abandon alfalfa in favor of grapes. Click headline for the full story.

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Bills Stalled: Nevada Alcohol Manufacturers Find Raising Production Caps is a Heavy Lift

March 30, 2017

Nevada craft brewers and distillers are wrangling with the state’s major liquor distributors over legislation that would raise the amount of product they can legally make each year, while wineries have been excluded from the conversation. Click headline for the full story.

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State Law Roundup: Sampling Legislation from Across the Nation

March 8, 2017

State house squabbles continue over proposed alcohol laws. Connecticut is getting sued for alleged price-fixing, and minors could be allowed to order beer and wine in Illinois. Click headline for the full story.

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Nevada Craft Brewers Face Off With Big Liquor on Production Cap Issue

March 2, 2017

A half-dozen craft brewers urged a state legislative committee this week to triple their annual barrel production limit. The Nevada Wine Coalition testified in support of the brewers, meeting with opposition when its executive director said the group will seek an amendment extending to wineries. Click headline to read the full story.

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Alcohol Bills Circulating in Carson City Include Production Cap Increase, Tax Increases

February 27, 2017

Senate Bill 130 — dubbed the brewpub bill — could raise the cap on craft brewery production in Nevada. The Nevada Wine Coalition is seeking amendments that would extend to wineries. Click headline to read more.

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Legislative Round-Up: States Weigh Changes to Alcohol Laws

February 25, 2017

State lawmakers around the nation are considering bills that address everything from higher wine taxes, to serving size for wine-infused ice cream, to liquor licensing at beauty salons.

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