Bills Stalled: Nevada Alcohol Manufacturers Find Raising Production Caps is a Heavy Lift

March 30, 2017

Nevada craft brewers and distillers are wrangling with the state’s major liquor distributors over legislation that would raise the amount of product they can legally make each year, while wineries have been excluded from the conversation. Click headline for the full story.

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State Law Roundup: Sampling Legislation from Across the Nation

March 8, 2017

State house squabbles continue over proposed alcohol laws. Connecticut is getting sued for alleged price-fixing, and minors could be allowed to order beer and wine in Illinois. Click headline for the full story.

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Nevada Craft Brewers Face Off With Big Liquor on Production Cap Issue

March 2, 2017

A half-dozen craft brewers urged a state legislative committee this week to triple their annual barrel production limit. The Nevada Wine Coalition testified in support of the brewers, meeting with opposition when its executive director said the group will seek an amendment extending to wineries. Click headline to read the full story.

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Nevada Craft Brewers Introduce App

February 28, 2017

With dozens of craft breweries dotting the Silver State map, new brews could go undiscovered for months – or forever. The Nevada Craft Brewers Association has a way to “connect”  beer lovers with experiences they might not stumble over in the ordinary course of things. The new Nevada Brewers app makes recommendations, and points the way to the pub (geographically speaking). It allows users to rate the beer, and it keeps track of their favorites. Association spokesman Don Vetter sees the app as a tool for tourism, too. It’s available for IOS and Android. Check your app store.

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Alcohol Bills Circulating in Carson City Include Production Cap Increase, Tax Increases

February 27, 2017

Senate Bill 130 — dubbed the brewpub bill — could raise the cap on craft brewery production in Nevada. The Nevada Wine Coalition is seeking amendments that would extend to wineries. Click headline to read more.

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Legislative Round-Up: States Weigh Changes to Alcohol Laws

February 25, 2017

State lawmakers around the nation are considering bills that address everything from higher wine taxes, to serving size for wine-infused ice cream, to liquor licensing at beauty salons.

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Vineyard Advice After a Wicked Winter: Don’t Prune, Do Weed

February 16, 2017

Too soon to prune. That’s the advice from Danny Hopper on the first sunny day in February of 2017. The number-one vineyard chore is to start watching for weeds. Click headline to read more.

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“Unprecedented” Alcohol Coalition Pushing Craft Beverage Tax Reform on Capitol Hill

February 5, 2017

President Trump and the Republican Congress have promised tax reform at the same time a beverage industry tax reform is gathering steam on its own. The proposal expands tax credits for all producers of alcohol. The wine sector has additional concerns as Washington changes direction. Click headline to read more.

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Filmmaker Set Out to Capture Passion and Culture of Napa Valley: “Filmmaking and Winemaking are So Similar.”

February 5, 2017

Filmmaker Nicholas Kovacic set out to explore the culture of the nation’s premier winegrowing region. The documentary features visually pleasing aerial vineyard shots, lots of harvest-to-cellar action, and stories from successful vintners. The “you are there” moment comes during a scene at the 2015 Napa Valley Premiere, an annual auction produced by the Napa Valley Vintner’s Association, where the viewer is able to eavesdrop on the tasters in a jam-packed pre-auction tasting. Click headline to read the full story.

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Small Farm Conference to Offer Sessions on Agritourism, Using Weather Data

January 30, 2017

The Nevada Small Farm Conference will feature four intensive workshops and 20 sessions delving into soils, pest control, and other farming issues. Those, and several other sessions are relevant to viticulture, the conference organizer says.

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